Server migration and more changes

Until now, to update Clubelo, I calculated the rankings on my computer and uploaded them via FTP. That meant that if I was on holiday or otherwise busy, updates were delayed. That is why I spent some time migrating and automating the whole site on a server that can do this automatically. This is good news for those of you who care about up-to-date fixtures who like to have more regular updates. Weekend fixtures should be online before the Friday night games kick off.
Apart from that, the following things have been done:

  • The way of calculating 2-leg-games has changed. See details.

  • The site has a darker look to improve the contrast, there will not be any black on dark grey anymore

  • A page for every single day since 1950 with the most important games of the day before and the ranking of that day ( Example)

  • Clubs are ranked from 1960 onwards - before 1960, Elo values are considered provisional

  • Countries have bar charts that show how many points they won or lost per year (Click on "All-time")

  • Derbies have bar charts to illustrate when clubs were strong against their rival

  • The homepage shows more current games and links to today's date page

  • Pages from non-existing countries are presented in a more logical way including a Russian-Ukrainian matchup for example

  • The list of coaches now contains every coach/manager that there is in the database

  • Character-encoding issues should be fixed

  • Bonus: The Polish league (1962 onwards) has been added to the database

Created: 23 Mar 2013 - Modified: 20 Jan 2013