Promotion and Relegation

Clubs that are newly introduced in this system need an initial Elo value to start from.
Being relegated is defined here as not playing for one year because of real relagation or - if the league matches are not available - non-qualification for the European Cups. Teams count as relegated if there is already clear that they will not play a match in the covered competitions in the next 12 months.
A club that has not played for at least 12 months or enters the system for the first time is a promoted team. If a team is promoted it needs a new Elo value, which is set to the average Elo value of all relegated teams of its league. The club that was inactive for the longest time disappears from the system and the remaining relegated clubs are set to the same average value. In this way, no Elo points are won or lost, the league does not change its average Elo value just by promotion/relegation.
If there are more promoted clubs than relegated clubs, the last Elo value that has been given to a promoted team will be given to the new team as well.

Created: 23 Mar 2013 - Modified: 20 May 2012