New features

Many new features have been introduced to this site:
1. More games
The timeframe of this site extended from the last 4 years to the whole era of international club football and beyond. Click on Data on the right to see details.
2. More information
Every game shows now the clubs' Elo values before the game and the exchanged Elo points or a winning probability if the games is still to be played. Two-leg games are grouped now.
3. Better rating system
Based on the vast amount of historic results, the parameters for the algorithm were optimised. Every optimisation always had to follow the golden rule that predictability is improved.
4. New design
Navigation should be easier now and the experience has hopefully improved. On the left nad right, you can click on a flag or tab to view details on leagues.
5. Derbies
There is a Derby section. Not necessarily all derbies in a strict sense, rivalries that are going on for decades are now featured on a dedicated page.

Created: 23 Mar 2013 - Modified: 8 Jul 2012