Measuring a League's Strength

An often debated question is what the best league in Europe is.
There is no clear answer to that. What is more important, the best teams, the weakest teams? Even an average is not easy to use as the different leagues have different sizes, how can you compare a 16-team-league to a 20-team league?
These rankings will use an arbitrary method of ranking leagues:
The clubs are ranked in order of their Elo value and summed up by using a weighting of a geometric series with the common ratio of 3/4. This means that the weight of the second placed club is 75% of the 1st club. The third club's weight is 75% of the second club and so on.
Summarized, a league's flagship represents 25% of a league's Elo value, the 2nd team 18.75%, the third team 14.1%, the fourth 10.5% and so on.
The flags at the left of this site are arranged in the order of their leagues' Elo value. On the league's 'All-time'-site you can find how this value evolved over time. You can also see, what the Elo values of promoted and relegated teams have been.

Created: 23 Mar 2013 - Modified: 8 Jul 2012